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Any form of reaction / interaction or the sum of those causing any kind of human interrelation of various levels starts from the simplest form of coexistence – sharing a mutual space. If we tried to imagine the very primitive form of coexistence of human beings, there would be no cultural or historical backgrounds, no language, no symbolic values and no other means of communication but the pure presence, or the sum of ‘presences’ being dropped together. The workshop we are proposing suggests one to experience such kind of pure relation, isolated from the rest of the system, making the natural – human senses based - reaction so complicated in the environment we outlive.The idea of realising the concept is to create [physically or metaphorically] enclosed spaces defining the form of human interaction in them (excluding the human-invented means of communication mentioned above). At its best, this would not only be a field of research for the participants, but also an opportunity for the locals to experience a seemingly unexpected relation to spaces and subjects they [think they] know.The workshop will deal with human comfort zone, the boundaries of comfort, trying to “restart” peoples’ minds (by experiencing and, possibly, taming the unexpected and the inconvenient) and get them back to the very roots of reaction. We (tutors and the participants) are there to do our best providing relevant conditions for the symbiosis to happen and excite one‘s presence. 

////////////For those who may not have noticed: YES, the text above was written a year ago for easa013 in Žužemberk. We truly believe in this workshop and it's evolution through time; that is why we are willing to come back to EASA in Veliko Tarnovo to experience the same ONION with different people in different spaces through different process ending up with different results. //////////// 


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