OS Luzzu///EASA2015




Kane Borg (MT)

Joe Galea (MT)

Sean Buttigieg (MT)

Mark Sullivan (MT)


The idea is to design and prototype an OpenSourceFloatingVessel that can facilitate inter harbour migration thus creating LINKS from Valletta to all surrounding inter harbour cities. The size of the vessel would be limited to one person and the buoyant typology will be based on the LUZZU generating awareness on the local depleting tradition of luzzu building.

Following the theme, the workshop will revolve around digitally designing, constructing and investigating an affordable water-based mode of transport with the help of experts in the various related fields. In general we would like to promote a very hands-on workshop that constantly deals with digital prototyping, analysis and design, in a constant informative loop. 


Dying trade- geological coast/weather 


Explore how technology can add value to a strong surviving tradition of sea transport (emphasis of links) 


With the help of digital tools we will create: 

1) Opensource digital parametric tool 

2) Os luzzu version 1 with opensource fabrication files 

3) Online website

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