Paper Pavilion///EASA2014

From our previous experiences in EASA, there was a hint of disconnection or disparity between the EASAians and the local people of the town. While the local people seemed intrigued whenever they got a glimpse of our workshops they weren’t quite sure if they could involve themselves or Symбиоза with us and the workshops. The paper pavilion will aim to bridge this communication gap and to inform and invite the people of Veliko Tarnovo to Symбиоза with the EASA workshops. 

The workshop will endeavour to construct a pavilion from industrial paper tubing that will contain a projection room where the people of Veliko Tarnovo can go and visually see what EASA is all about. The projections will show film (potentially from EASA TV) about the progress of the on-going and existing EASA workshops in the city. The projection space will stimulate inquiry and act as a visual precursor to invite local people to visit, engage and Symбиоза with the workshops and the people from EASA. There will also be a city map of the workshops and other information pertaining to EASA in the pavilion. 

The paper pavilion itself will also exhibit the latent potential of paper tubing construction that is somewhat relatively unknown. Industrial paper tubing is an inexpensive material that is found in abundance in most territories across the world. It’s unwavering accessibility and remarkable durability distinguishes it as a material that not only can architects use but also the everyday man seeking to build a shelter or home. These recyclable structures offer potential solutions to homelessness and housing shortages in times of natural disasters, where Shigeru Ban the pioneering paper architect, has reconstructed entire villages of papering tubing


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