Press Play///EASA2014

William Bondin (Malta), Stefanie Wuschitz (Austria) 
The world of play 
The act of playing, whether considered as an art or a sport, have been a crucial aspect of social life for the past two and a half millennia. The romans played Ur, the Indians originated snakes and ladders (Pachisi), and the Chinese invented the playing cards. Similarly to architecture, games are a socio-cultural manifestation of an epoch. Co-operation, strategy, communication and interaction are terminologies which exist in both game and architectural discourse. 

This workshop seeks to animate public spaces, both metaphorically and literally, through the creation of interactive installations and architectural performances which embody the spirit of play. We will look at aspects such as co-operation, interaction, confrontation and observation from a 
contemporary architectural perspective. If games connect people, encourage dialogue and stimulate co-operation, then why shouldn't architecture? What can we, as designers and inhabitants, learn by pressing play? 

This workshop introduces the world of interactive design from a practical perspective. In order to build interactive systems we will learn physical programming using the Arduino open-source platform. Arduino is a micro-processor used by hobbyists, developers, architects and designers as it provides a quick and easy way to prototype kinetic installations. After a brief introduction to world of physical computing, we will develop and fabricate a number of installations which respond to particular sites, within the scope of EASA 2014. 


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