27th April, Berlin

FRACTAL URBANISM is a dynamic and flexible way to plan cities in order to meet the urban challenges we face now and in the future, a visual technique that even young children can understand and use.

By playing a game with form templates, colors, lot of fun and a bit of intuition, the workshop introduces this intuitive tool and allows the guests -divided in groups of 5 people- to plan and design a neighborhood of 2,6 Km² by assigning different uses to the plots, locate public facilities, buildings and a hierarchy (width) to the road network.

Besides, Fractal Urbanism needs no right or wrong way of zoning or placing buildings, green, ect. as long as the the suggested key-points are respected: the results will highlight the potentials of a vibrant and surprising "think different".

The workshop is about participatory design: you come, you play, you have fun by designing the city you wish you could live in. We'll take care of the rest!

After reviewing the design proposals, WIR is happy to invite you for a beer to connect, discuss and interact further on the subject!

WIR - All Latitudes Architecture is the organizer of The PUKIKA Experiment. WIR is being part of architecture and design centered activities, sharing and learning, networking with other like minded people, experiencing and merging other disciplines (like arts, music and more) with architecture and design to make things happen. 


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