Rope Pavilion///EASA2015




Rémi Buscot (FR)

Willem Coenen (BEL) 

Delphine Levy (FR)


The aim of this workshop is to build a pavilion in connection with the past and the story of Malta: the marine environment.

Giving a new vision on materials and form, this pavilion would reinterpretate the sail form with old rope from boats. Simple forms that would float with the wind.

Linking present and past, the reuse of rope that has already travelled on the sea would give it a second life by exposing it as a memorial of the sailing culture. Having these different ropes and linking them together into one pavilion. People from all over the world would connect by linking these ropes and structure together.

Working with rope structures is always about tension, knots and connections just like human relationships. As on a boat the knots technique would be very important, the use of simple gesture and knots would be the final detail to connect it with the sailing story.

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