Dear future Architect, make a step backward from the visual and the rational. Take the rest: that is what turns space into a place… Architecture is the creation of an atmosphere - a symбиоза of what is perceived by all the different senses. It is the light, the smell, the sound, the touch, the movement, the people and their interactions – these would be the building materials of our labyrinth performance. 
Dear future Architect, you’ll become a psychologist, an actor… We propose to you a game that will lead us to the planning, creation and performing of a sacred spatial path of sensorial experiences – a Sensory Labyrinth Theatre (Iwan Brioc). We will gather the creativity of the participants around the site -Veliko Tarnovo, the architectural topics of today, and the context of EASA , in order to create a quite unusual performance… 

“When you enter a Labyrinth, all the outer world disappears… infect you walk not more than 100 -200 or 300 steps, but they change completely your sense of here, now, before, then, me, others… You become a hero in a story that exists only for you, find answers to questions that were waiting for so long and suddenly remember what it was it to be a child… a door opened to other dimensions of Reality” 

The essence of the Labyrinth theatre is beyond the words. To fully understand it you have to experience it. Still: 


Labyrinth is above all a spatial path, designed for the people and with a certain purpose – just like the Architecture . We always say the labyrinth is a special metaphor for the life of a person – from womb to tomb. It is a route, defined by a sequence of posts, which provoke emotions, sensations, memories.. It deals with the psychological question of individual perception of space, of the personal relation to a space. Labyrinth could be also explained as the architecture of your inner world. It always contains archetypes of sacred places and archetypical spatial qualities, e.g. nest, home, the nuptial bed, the the foreign land ; light-dark, exposed-enclosed, secure-unsecure space etc. 


Sensory Labyrinth Theater is a Symбиоза in itself - it is a participatory contemporary open end art form. Similary to every architectural project, it is site specific and context oriented. It is inspired by the ideas of the Colombian anthropologist Enrique Vargas and initiated by the Walsh theater director Iwan Brioc. There are no figures like playwright or director as it is always made from scratch and from all participants together, on site. Its main means of expression are diverse sense catalysts, there for as an art form it is very intuitive and impressionistic. Interestingly, one of the basic Labyrinth maxima is Mies van der Rohe’s “Less is more”. 


The biggest difference to the traditional theater is the fact the in the labyrinth there is no stage and no audience. The spectators become active spectACTors ( Audusto Boal) – they enter the predesigned labyrinth path one by one on every 7 minutes and undertake the journey alone. Each traveler participates directly in the “play” along the way. In fact, he becomes the main actor… He interacts with the sensory installations and the “labyrinth keepers” who transmit to him the chosen messages in a very personal way... 


Usually, in the process of creation the group discovers together the site, the sensory nature and different ways to create sensorial impact. We develop the ideas and the final labyrinth through a guided process of games and tasks and work on archetypes and symbols; in this case they will be connected to the field of architecture. There will be also some discussions. The whole process is usually very enclosed inside the laby-group. But we foresee special hours for symбиоза with the other workshops. For the moment, we thought about collaborations with the following workshops: 

and some other 


We would be really glad to include local activists in the workshop. They will be on one hand authentic heralds of the local history, culture and current social issues, which is very important for a labyrinth project. On the other hand, they will help the EASA participants to integrate directly into the local youth community and social life. They will also be an emergency source of needed laby-materials. Besides, their different backgrounds and occupations will bring more color to our symбиоза-Labyrinth. 


Because of the specific art form of Sensory Labyrinth Theater, we can have one performance per day, in which 25 people could go through the labyrinth. 6 days of performing mean 150 spectACTors. For us is very important to have audience not only from EASA, but also from the local community. Since 150 is a very small number even only for the EASA participants, we would try to extend the performances for one more week and play for the locals. The happening of the labyrinth on a certain site carries fresh air for the citizens – it unites the local community, raises attention about current local questions and generates a new point of view towards the already known. 
The posts in the labyrinth of the EASA participants who cannot or will not stay for one more week will be substituted by experiences labyrinthors, who can easily enter the atmosphere of the project and find their way inside. 

we would like to point out the incredible privilege for these, who enable the opportunity for the others to experience the labyrinth - the process creates a deep connection between the different people, who create together this event and gives them the feeling for unlimited potential. You feel like you connect to the very basic building material of your own essence, of your true reality. As architects, we are masters of reality. And the Labyrinth itself is a parallel reality… Enjoy! 


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