January 21, 2016

18 December 2015 – 11 March 2016

The coming months, OMI is entirely devoted to OMA, the Office for Metropolitan Architecture. With the reopening of the Kunsthal, the completion of De Rotterdam and Timmerhuis this is a perfect opportunity to profile the work of OMA. OMI publishes a special map, organises excursions, and an accompanying exhibition at OMI’s own location gives insight into the work of the office in Rotterdam and The Hague. The cities of Rotterdam and The Hague occupied a special position in the development of the early years of OMA.

The region boasts the highest density of OMA projects in the world, with studies, designs, built and (already) demolished works. OMA has reflected on every facet of the urban experience in this region: buildings, urban planning, parks, interiors, culture, pop, dance and infrastructure. OMA Fiction | Non Fiction is a voyage of discovery through the work of OMA in Rotterdam and The Hague, past 40 years of thinking about this urban region.

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