Workshop Elastic Boundaries

January 27, 2016

Elastic Boundaries

Santiago Pérez

Workshop Alicante, Spain 01- 05 Feb 2016




The Mies van der Rohe Foundation has asked this question to the architects who have won its prize. These are some of the concepts that answer the question: Awareness with its contexts, great diversity in a small area, reflection of our culture, tradition, history and continuity, overlap reality, local condition, collage of identities, experimental, innovation… qualities or sensibilities that point towards the future and we would like to live with. Studio 5 is part of a series of specialisation in Architecture as Comparative Studies. They are courses that are also based on ‘the trip’ as an experience that consolidates the specialisation:

Architecture and Landscape: Destination Iceland

Architecture and Gender: Destination Istanbul

Architecture and Time: Destination Naples

Architecture and Democracy: Destination Athens

Architecture and Hybrid: Destination Marseille

Architecture and Referent: Destination Stockholm


This year we have a DOUBLE DESTINATION!

Architecture and Identity: Destination Madrid + Istanbul


More info here!

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