E.A.S.A /// Fredericia, Denmark ///SOON

January 9, 2017


E.A.S.A /// Fredericia, Denmark 21 July - 6 August 2017


In 2017, EASA Denmark has been given the great opportunity to host
the annual European Architecture Students Assembly in Fredericia. Their vision for
the event is to engage the EASA community in an architectural discussion of the
theme: Hospitality - Finding the Framework. The theme will be explored through
workshops and lectures.
They envision EASA 2017 to be a catalyst of a change, a testbed for
architectural innovations and discoveries, which can start the process of
implementing problem-driven solutions in the urban environment of Fredericia.
This will be achieved by the international architecture students, who
will take part in the event and contribute to the workshops in cooperation with
local community. EASA 2017 intends to address different groups of Fredericia’s
citizens, current and future, as well the visitors from other parts of Denmark and

¡More info SOON! STAY TUNED!

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