IFAC 2017, Portugal

April 17, 2017


The VI edition of the International Festival of Arts & Construction is real.

Follow this Ifac Portugal page and don't miss any info!

Stay tuned! 

Let's #LearnBuildParticipate again!


International Festival of Art & Construction | 10 magical days a year, since 2012 | Exploring a cultural, contemporary and self-suficient life in rural areas |

Ifac brings together the different agents and spheres of art and architecture (students, collectives, professionals, the local population) to question and research the contemporary role of the rural world, far from the traditional paternalistic view, counting with the role of art and architecture as positive agents of transformation, through workshops, exhibitions and talks.

Ifac 2017. Portugal

Live With Earth - Non Profit Association
Organization for Global Sustainable Development by Actions in Portugal
All Rights Reserved © Live With Earth - National Brand

ECO CAMPUS - Green Leaf European Award
Avenida Tenente Valadim, Nr 17, 2º F, TORRES VEDRAS
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