IAH summer 2017 > Lecce, Italy

July 4, 2017


IAHsummer17 workshop will take place at “Ostello del Sole” in San Cataldo (Lecce) from 1st to 8th August 2017 and will involve 100 young people split in teams and followed by tutors who will provide all the materials necessary to produce the documents required.
During the workshop the participants will deal with methodologies different from digital design: after an initial phase of definition of a concept and a master plan, through sketches, diagrams and drawings, the teams will be asked to produce one table A2 format, where projects realized with freehand will be represented, and a three-dimensional model in 1:20 scale.
This year you can enrich your IAH experience with our new self-construction session that will be held at “Ostello del Sole” in San Cataldo (Lecce), same location of IAHsummer17, in the next 4 days after the end of IAHsummer17. IAHconstruction workshop is open to only 30 participants that will realize the 3 winning projects of IAHsummer17.
After the design phase, all the participants will be involved in the actual realization of the best projects in a self- construction laboratory.
The three temporary rooms realized during the construction phase of the workshop will be rented to tourists from 8th August.

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