October 2, 2017


Held in a different country each year, “Meeting of National Contacts” (MENC) takes place in October and lasts for six days. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the future of MEDS, its organisational system and the planning of the upcoming two years.

"This year, MENC is hosted in Spain, in the city of Zaragoza from 25 to 30 of October; during these days, part of our work together will be focused on helping the Lebanese team prepare MEDS ’18, which will be held in Byblos, Lebanon. 
This year, there’s also the opportunity to stay 2 days longer and join the DSGN team to work on MEDS Bali project. 

We are always happy to welcome new people willing to commit themselves to several tasks in the process of designing our next MEDS experiences. Taking part at MENC, you are invited to join one of the 5 basic departments dividing the whole workload of the organisation. In each department you can find a team working throughout the year so that MEDS can actually happen and has one coordinator who is in permanent contact with the other coordinators. This assures the communication within the organisation itself as well as the productive workflow within the departments.

  • COMMUNICATION_ NC management, International Team, Country recruitment, Alumni

  • FINANCE_ Sponsors, EU funding

  • MEDIA_ Website, Publishing, Corporate design/identity, Social Media,

  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT_ Setting short and long term goals, Setting up meetings, Mini Meds

  • WORKSHOP_ Tutor support and training, Checking materials and tools, Tutor selection 

NC’s are the national representatives of MEDS, responsible for promoting the organisation and workshops in their own country – and advising participants.

After the proposals have been voted, the chosen Organising teams host MENC or MEDS in their city and work 1-2 years to prepare and make it happen.

***For those of you who are already in contact with us and wish to join MENC, be reminded there is a DEADLINE for filling out the google form, for the initial application. It is due FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 15th (NEXT WEEK!) and all info can be found on the MEDS NC’s Group or in the #general channel on Slack."



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