ISArch 8th Edition Winners

December 4, 2017

ISArch is proud to announce the Winners of this 8th Edition of ISArch Award for Architecture Students.
The Jury, composed by:

•Tomislav Dushanov, Associate at Herzog&DeMeuron
•Alexandros Kallegias, Serior Architect at Zaha Hadid Architects
•FALA Atelier
•Ben Van Berkel, Founder/Principal Architect at UNStudio
•Joshua Prince-Ramus, Founder/Principal/President at REX

has deliberated the following winners:

1st prize: Sofoklis Kontakis|Public Space Revisited_Fluidisation of Thresholds;
2nd prize: Eleni Vagianou|Essex Homelands: Inhabiting a Memory Landscape;
3rd prize: Maria Koinidou, Eleni Papantoniou|!Food Rail


“It’s interesting to observe at this year’s ISArch, that the vast majority of entries pose very serious and pertinent global questions: migration, extreme density, multi-cultural co-living, sustainability.” says Tomislav Dushanov, Associate at Herzog&DeMeuron, about this 8th Edition.


Sofoklis Kontakis|Public Space Revisited_Fluidisation of Thresholds

 “The strong points are:a clear design intent, an interesting topic, the experimental and deep understanding of materiality, it’s easy to understand.” Ben van Berkel

“The project positively uses the methodology of combining digital and analogue means for formal investigations. There is room for control over the various ground indulations however the approach shows innovative thinking. The site circulation analysis provides good support of the project’s layout. The material recycling for construction and suggested usage programme complete the architectural proposal. ” Alexandros Kallegias


Eleni Vagianou|Essex Homelands: Inhabiting a Memory Landscape

“The projects proposal gets straight to the point with various architectural diagrams and visualizations. The panel’s layout and good balance of text versus drawings is to be acknowledged. There is equally a good a background search to base the argument of the minimal housing unit however the overall concept of the project could have a more provocative manner to address the contemporary problematic of value versus price in living in the UK. The idea of the memory facade is adding value to the proposal but the proposal could also revisit the correlations between minimum requirement of space and minimum usage requirements of space. The renderings have a strong positive impact to the overall proposal’s aesthetics.” Alexandros Kallegias
“A beautiful architecture that seems lost in its graphic expression.” FALA
“..Althought the structure of the building seemed rigid it is very flexible inside and it thought from and for the ones will live in. The drawings are really nice and the diagrams help to understand the project.” Flores&Prats


Maria Koinidou, Eleni Papantoniou|!Food Rail

“We value the originality of the idea and to understand meals and food as a social situation. It is interesting to understand the train as a movement and its capacity of transformation according to the place it stops in. The graphic representation is good and lively.” Flores&Prats
“Very intriguing idea of rethinking the food cycle and its experience, and putting both on display.
The idea can be further strengthened, by using the opportunity to rethink the design of the places and the train itself.
This way, the project will have overall rich and multi-sided design of the process, the food itself, the public spaces it
generates and the transformation of the train as space generating vehicle.” Tomislav Dushanov
“The project positively touches upon the notion of re-usage of space. It is a commendable effort to innovate by converting a moving train into a gastronomical tour however its’ functionality doesn’t seem to be showing any significant impact to the train stops it is making along the different parts of Europe. Good panel layout and use of graphics.” Alexandros Kallegias


About ISArch
The ISArch Awards are international awards targeting students of architecture.
The aim is to provide a platform for debate surrounding the architecture solutions students contribute within the framework of their university studies.
A further objective of the ISArch Awards is to encourage young people to join the debate on architecture, contributing their unique vision and opinions.


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