March 28, 2018

⚡⚡⚡**OPEN CALL PARTICIPANTES ESPAÑOLES🇪🇸 ! - EASA CROATIA 2018** La 38° edición de la asamblea de estudiantes europeos de arquitectura EASA ya está lista! 600 estudiantes de Arquitectura y más de 35 workshops este año en la ciudad de Rijeka, Croacia bajo la temática RE:EASA. .

RE: prefix, from Latin, used with the meaning ‘again’, ‘back’. RE: means acknowledging the presently or formerly existing and acting upon it. RE: is dealing with the past or present to sort things out for the future. RE: is aware of the circular nature of reality and interconnection of things. RE: tackles the matter at hand for the sake of revealing a different kind of order or value.

APPLICATION TASK: Choose your "RE:____" and implement it on a subject of your choice. You may use the format/media of any kind essay, poster, music, video, performance recording, etc.) 💥💥💥Si quieres formar parte del equipo español este año rellena este formulario y envíanos tu “RE:__” antes del 23 de abril:


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