IAAC Global Summer School 2019

February 18, 2019

   IAAC Global Summer School (GSS) is a full-time two week summer course happening every july, which provides both practical and theoretical knowledge to participants. The program is led by expert tutors, combined with lectures by renowned professionals and academics relevant to the GSS BECOMING brief to be treated during the program of each node and broadcasted in the different node-cities, all globally connected. Each node participant will work on a 2 week local program referred to the GSS BECOMING brief. During the workshop, the GSS participants will attend specific classes to then realize and prototype a final project. The GSS students will have the opportunity to present the node outcomes globally connected with a selected IAAC jury and other GSS nodes, to finally receive a GSS diploma.


Are you a student or professional with a creative and innovative minds interested in the fields of architecture, urban planning, digital fabrication, design and prototyping?
By becoming one the GSS participant, you will join a unique global agenda having an international laboratory at your disposal to test:
–new design hypothesis
–innovative architecture and design proposals
–digital use of computational design softwares
–fabrication of a final prototype (its scale could vary from each node)


IAAC has an active alumni community distributed around the world allowing a decentralized expansion of IAAC expertise and knowledge. The constant involvement of the community in IAAC activities keeps the connections strong and fertile. IAAC GSS19 aims to empower the bonds with the community members, therefore places them in strategic positions which allows GSS to take place simultaneously in different Nodes – cities around the world: Barcelona, New York City, Queretaro, Moscow, Tehran, Melbourne, Beirut, Budapest, Shanghai, Quito and more. The GSS participants could therefore choose one between the GSS nodes network in which attend the program.




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