Boisbuchet Summer Workshops

March 4, 2019

For over 25 years, CIRECA (Centre International de Recherche et d’Education Culturelle et Agricole), the non-profit organisation running Boisbuchet’s program, organises interdisciplinary workshops. Participants from all over the world live and work here together with noted designers, architects, and artists – not to come up with perfect results, but to gain insights into the creative process and the challenges involved.


SUMMER WORKSHOPS 2019 >>> MAKING HISTORY– Curriculum for a New Bauhaus


On the occasion of the Bauhaus centenary, our workshops this summer pay tribute to the innovations which that institution spearheaded in the 20th century. We’ll honour its alternative research gearing up for society’s future, its interdisciplinary experimentation, and its brave optimism.

But different than in 1919, it is today, above all, the examples of nature, sciences, and cultures that are studied in order to develop sustainable products, environments, and services. Also at Boisbuchet we have defined these concerns as the principle reason for our work.

And something else has changed: Today’s designers, architects, and companies – as well as us as individuals – are no longer just realizing projects; right away we also deliver their contexts and stories. Re-presentation has become an integral part of ourselves and our actions. And as we can know what we are doing wrong, making history has never been so responsible.


>>>Domaine de Boisbuchet-Lessac, France

>>>JUNE 30th – SEPT 7th 2019


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