March 8, 2019



INDEPENDENT SCHOOL FOR THE CITY opens in Rotterdam, the Netherlands!

INDEPENDENT SCHOOL FOR THE CITY is an initiative by Crimson Historians & Urbanists and ZUS [Zones Urbaines Sensibles]

INDEPENDENT SCHOOL FOR THE CITY blurs the borders between criticism and practice, research and policy.

INDEPENDENT SCHOOL FOR THE CITY has a strong belief in an incremental instead of a tabula-rasa approach to urban development.

INDEPENDENT SCHOOL FOR THE CITY is now open for applications!


Education programme 2019 - 2020
The educational programme of the school will run from September 2019 to June 2020 and
consist of three Blocks: Pack, Travel, Unpack. Through a series of workshops and collective
assignments, the participants are confronted with the expertise and approaches of a broad
range of masters, while simultaneously developing their own project. The first block is titled
“Pack”. It is based in Rotterdam and consists of a series of master-classes and workshops
which are aimed at learning various research skills from a variety of disciplines, such as
(historical) research, spatial and visual analysis, urban design, sociology, photography, film
etc. During the second block, “Travel”, the students will spread around the world to visit
one of the School’s international partners, with whom they will further develop their
individual research in the social-spatial context of the specific location they are at. The final
and third block, “Unpack”, will bring the students back to Rotterdam, where they will
process their findings in order to show and communicate their work to the world.
Postgraduate students from all over the world with a background in urban studies such as
Architecture, Urban Design and Planning, Architectural History, Sociology, Anthropology,

Political and Cultural Studies, Arts and Media, are invited to apply!
Public Programme: School’s Out!
Every last Friday of the month the Independent School for the City celebrates the start of
the weekend with public talks, films, drinks, food, and tunes. On 29 March the
Ghanaian/Scottish Professor Lesley Lokko will give her talk ‘Look back in Anger’; on 26 April
architect Alfredo Brillembourg will present the new Urban Think Tank publication on
Athens; on 31 May the British architect Peter Barber will talk about the design of social
housing; on 28 June Georgeen Theodore of Interboro from the USA will give a talk. Tickets
are sold via our website.


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