April 17, 2019

A summer school in Lisbon in cooperation with the Lisbon Architecture Triennale 2019, organized by A Forschung


>>>From the 8th to the 13th of July 2019


The departing questions for this project are how could architecture contribute to the development of a critical position towards the future of one of the most successful neighbourhoods in Lisbon, now that the city around it is changing at a fast pace? How could Alvalade build upon its existing structures in order to offer relevant answers to the demands of a present underpinned by problematics -environment, fluctuating density, cultural capital, food production and consumption- which have greatly mutated since the time it was planned while keeping its identity? And how could the potential answers to these questions trigger the questioning of their reality by the inhabitants of the neighborhood?

To address these questions, we propose two moments: a summer school for architecture students where we suggest Architecture to borrow the process of Revisiting from the field of Music and applying it onto the Alvalade neighbourhood. In a second moment, by confronting the local population with the results of this exercise through an exhibition, a symposium, movie screenings and concerts, all taking place in Alvalade.


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