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April 24, 2019

PG | Pocket Gardens. Ephemeral Regeneration of super-blocks in Tirana

The Department of Architecture at Epoka University, supported by “Design al Centro” (international network for integrated and multi-scale designing) and together with a list of international scientific partners, is pleased to launch the IV edition of SpaRe.Life 2019/IWS titled Pocket Gardens. Ephemeral Regeneration of super-blocks in Tirana


It is a full-time experience of learning, researching and designing that provides participants an opportunity to reflect on the multi-scale urban regeneration of the informal fabric in the capital city Tirana, considering “informality” as a possible added value in both the development and the transformation of the real city, through:

  • The practice of Urban Planning and Space Design, of Architectural Design and Technology, of Design for Public Spaces and Facilities;

  • The application of the next theories and models of micro/small interventions for the shared urban spaces regeneration;

  • The on-field experience and citizens’ involvement through the socio-cultural animation of the area and the erection of micro/small outdoors installations.

The SpaRe.Life 2019 | IWS aims to promote a multi-disciplinary and multi-scalar approach, in an international comparison, to encourage the development of additional and innovative skills of the Department’s educational curricula. It becomes an opportunity that may provide insight and alternative scenarios for the enhancement of marginal urban areas in helping to promote and to redesign new opportunities, features, and ways of living in the micro/small urban spaces.


The IV Edition 2019 will be focused on the urban regeneration of some selected inner areas of Tirana, Capital City of Albania.


The aim of the workshop is to reach a "vision concept" for an ephemeral regeneration on the way of the most recent experiences, such as Tactical Urbanism, Pop-Up Designing, Guerrilla Urbana, Acupuncture Urbanism and so on. This Summer School would like to represent a different point of view on current city planning and rebuilding. It is also, and mostly, an attempt to introduce new principles of city planning and designing even if temporary, transitory, flexible, reversible, low-cost and… moderate.

It would be a further opportunity in rethinking the small urban spaces, organic streets and paths, micro-economic and energy alternatives, linked in a logic of unique system to increase urban soft mobility, to enhance the quality of urban life, to improve the social and the physical cohesion and to emphasize the many roles may played by the "inner precincts" in Tirana urban body.

The subject will be based on the most recent experiences accrued in Egypt, Italy, Netherlands, Oman, Spain, in the alternative regeneration of “pocket gardens” and, more in general, of micro/small green spaces. Experiences carried out from the involved scholars are from various nationalities and backgrounds.


Participation is open to all university students, PhD students and young professionals, with no limitation of age, nationality and scientific field of interest.




>>>Summer school duration: 2-12 September 2019


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