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Skywalk has the ambition to explore the fantasy of height and emptiness. We tend to create an spectacular intervention to respond to the magnificent and unique landscape and relief of Veliko Tarnovo: a strong horizontal line, a big cantilever in the steep of the city. 
Then we want to reinterprate the traditional bulgarian arbour which is a crucial meeting point for the inhabitants. 

We'll take advantage of the spot n°7, the urban window, and using materials such as wood and metal, our team of motivated participants will give it all the qualities and the uses it deserves. 

By programming a spot full of potential we will lead the citizen to re-experience their daily space and enter in symbiosis with it, admiring this incredible panorama under the shadow of the grapevine. 

Matthieu Bordreuil, architect (FR) 
Nejc Rojc, provider (SLO) 
Sylvain Dupuis, architect (FR) 
Stanislas Taboureau, ingeneer (FR) 
Olivier Desz, architect (FR)


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