Small intervention///EASA2014

Small Interventions history goes back to the very fundamentals of EASA. Giving back to the community. It is structured on the idea of analysing the site, detecting problems and places, designing solutions and interventions, and constructing them. 
Its history begins as a workshop named “Fix It” many years ago, and with it’s current name it was organised every year since EASA 2006 Budapest [with a small break in 2012 in EASA FInland]. 
The participants will analyse the site in the first place, then address the issues that come up with their own way by intervening in a very functional way in the environment and the assembly surroundings. Theoretical work, models, and detail plans of their intervention will conclude their design work allowing them to work in 1:1 scale by constructing their interventions and putting them in place. 


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