VelikoTarnovo spectacular guide book 

Spaceguide is a collection of impressions and characters. At the same time it's a continuous story of discovering cityscape of Veliko Tarnovo. 
We want to create an image of the city -not as smooth and perfect as it usually appears in guide books. It will be a way more specific, as we focus on questions of urbanism and at the same time very personal – created through perception of newcomers and locals. 
To catch the spirit of the city we will first get lost in it. Lectures on techniques of urban exploring will form a theoretical basis of the workshop. Practice will be held outside, enjoying the heat and surrounding landscape. 
After getting totally lost we will start to capture– by hand drawings, photography, interviews. We want participants to act and invent their own way of capturing. The only rule - it should become a book in the end- Spaceguide of the city. 

We propose to explore Veliko Tarnovo through different prisms, levels of perception - to catch the parallel worlds occupying one city scape. 

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