Tutors: Nataly Nemkova (architect), Aliaksandr Khadziakou (architect) , Denis Bakunovich (engineer, programmer, musician)  Artem Atrashevski (experimental physicist, programmer, musician) Belarus

Type - Theoretical+BUIDING 

We will try to accent people’s attention on things, usually unnoticeable. They will see that the city, they live in is unexplored, and everyone can live in symbioza with it. We want to explore a part of urban space and to make it interactive. Through the means of computational design we will gather input data and translate it into acoustic, visual and spatial transformations in realtime mode. We will research, programm, built and play on the urban environment. 

As many other modern cities, urban environment of Veliko Tarnovo is getting less friendly to it’s citizens. Sometimes people start to forget the value of the environment that surrounds them. They don’t think they can influence on the urban space and change it. Our workshop, Syntesizer is dedicated to making a part of urban environment a kind of orchestra, on which sitizens can play interacting with it’s parts or just going through the space. We are going to involve as many types of sensual perceptions as we can. We would like to join together three themes – architecture, programming and music. First we are going to analyze workshop site, discuss different types of sound, collect data from the city and it’s inhabitants. At this time we are going to work together with other workshops that have common themes (may be infornography, soundgiants, sensynbioza). At the end, we will find places in the workshop site, where we can install our sensors, make 3d model on how they can look like, build all and enjoy. We also hope to add some video mapping to the installition (with the help of illumidentity). We think these should be small structures installed directly on the facades, floors, trees and so on. These structures will be inscribed into the environment but attract attention a little. 
Connection with the theme: 

Symbioza 1 – Our installation is the result of working of programmers, engineers, musicians and architects. Without this collaboration expected result is impossible. We are closely working directly on the theme of collaboration of different professionals last years.

Symbioza 2 – In the basis of our installation will be digital code, the installation itself collects, transforms data. It is very useful for collaboration – we hope to gather different types of data from other workshops and also include their results in our installation. 
Symbioza 3 - We have a lot of interesting features for disabled people. For example blind. We can give them a chance to feel the city. 



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