Tarnovo cityscape as canvas///EASA2014

The cityscape of Tarnovo is an amphitheater of houses over the rivers meanders amidst nature. It is an ideal setting to explore the symbiosis of architecture and art. 

The multiple layers of house facades can become stage decors for the theater of city life. 
In the workshop “Tarnovo cityscape as a canvas” we want to explore the potential of symbiosis between strongly subjective and contrasting moods of the city which Tarnovo can inspire. 

How Le Corbusier perceived the city during his visit? How it is perceived by homeless, children, visitors or long term residents? In a kaleidoscope of views we will try to find a key to its magic charm and we will explore its various moods. 

Along the approach of Christo we will try to reveal some hidden qualities of its urban space by superimposition of layers over its vernacular mosaic. 

Vernacular parametricism? De Stijl like deconstruction into primary planes and colurs? Pop art approach? Homeless appropriation? Students will be encouraged to explore any creative approach trying to catch the genius loci of the city. 

Milena Metalkova-Markova, Ph.D. 
Vice Dean of International Affairs and Scientific Research 
Faculty of Architecture, UACG 
Aneta Etimova - architect 
"Abbild" studio 
Sofia, Bulgaria 

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