The Great Pretender




Yazgi Demirbas (TUR)

Peter O' Brien (IRL)


For the past twenty or so years, new life forms called Strandbeests have been roaming the coasts of the Netherlands. Powered by wing-like sails, they harmoniously traverse the soft ground with numerous spindly legs. The Strandbeests majestically transform mundane materials such as PVC tubes, zip-ties and soda bottles into complex and stunningly elegant movement. 

What makes these kinetic sculptures so noteworthy are their clarity and disregard for presumed boundaries between art, engineering and biology. Their persistent occupation of liminal spaces that seamlessly link the foggy area between objects, organisms and between things that are real and things that are sometimes indescribable. 

This summer a new animal will be born. Valletta will see the birth of a new EASAian Strandbeest. The Great Pretender workshop will build on the work of the great progenitor Theo Jansen to create this new kinetic sculpture.

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Photos by Alexandra Kononchenko 

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