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There is a light that never goes out: Learning from Pop-Up Urbanisms

During the period that we know as Modernity, the architectural production considered difference as something unacceptable, and was far from admitting it as something positive. Under the dogma of the Modernity, the architectural production reduced the agents to only those who fitted within their framework. They rejected those agents, human and non-human, whose discordant relationships would draw descriptive lines in our culture. Contemporary architecture should admit these connections, even if they are discordant; it should accept the study of all the agents that are part of a context, whether physical or non-physical. It should consider the relationships that exist not only between individuals and built reality, but also between many other agents that define the contemporary landscape. The comparative analysis of the four significant moments in the History of Rock Music that accompany this lines presents, architecturally speaking, four parallel contexts that are devoid of all those agents apparently discordant to Modernity. However, there is no doubt that they build the architecture of these events. The elimination of all those agents, of that noise, provides four silent scenarios. Silent architectures of a Modernity.


In this workshop we'll try to visualise all those agents that have been eliminated. All devices, infrastructures and forms of urbanism that, although they are not admitted by Modernity, build a city. Taking the case of the study of the Summer Festival phenomenon, and in the same way as Denisse Scott Brown and Robert Venturi in “Learning from Las Vegas”, we will investigate and identify architectures of these types of contemporary urbanism.




Each tutor, each working group, will develop a parallel line analysing a layer of information concerning the specific characteristics of this urbanism. See: Domesticity, identity, mediation, infrastructure, scenography. To finally, be able to overlap them obtaining a detailed reading of these urban phenomena. The workshop's production and investigation activity will also have talks, film projections, discussions and visits.




Early Inscription (before 3rd July) 80€

Late Inscription (3rd to 17th July) 95€



Work place: ETSAM Hall 2nd floor (fish tank) Space for Outdoor On-Off Activities: Tutor Team Offices Space for Visiting: Sites/Concerts in Madrid



20th - 28th July 2015



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Pedro Pitarch


Coordinator of the Course: Pedro Pitarch


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