Think Tank Differently///EASA2014


As we see the most potential of demonstrating the concept of the workshop by working with abandoned war materials we are actually asking the organizers for A TANK...or even two....but now to the concept... 

Objects are determined by their use, which serves as a certain value. This value can be just practical, sentimental, both or even more complex. Sometimes objects change their value over time. 

With our workshop we want to set the focus on this aspect and use, reuse or abuse things despite their originally designed purposes to create unexpected situations and objects which raise the original value. Always with people’s needs in the center of the conceptions...combination - abstraction - subtraction - symbioza. 

"Think Tank_differently" is meant to be a platform that works on the potential of things by using them differently. And if the organizers do their job great works on how to use a tank differently!...there are abandoned rusting tanks along the Bulgarian-Turkish border as relicts of the cold war era. 
We want to empty the inside and refurbish it for a different use, like a kitchen, a chill out space, a mobile dj-wagon, a love box... endless design possibilities, also depending on the designs of the participants. 
Since we want to focus on metal as construction material the participants learn how to use a welding machine, different power tools like drills, cutters, dwellers and so on. 

We all know that the organizers are the best... 


Christian Heshmatpour 
Ali Kolaritsch 
David Lukacs

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