3-16July 2015

Amsterdam, Netherlands


The Summer School Thinking City, BEYOND RESILIENCE, an initiative of Foundation Thinking City in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS), offers two weeks of exploring, discussing and developing the future of the city, together with a team of top talents.

Sustainable, liveable and socially just cities can no longer be created with a mono-disciplinary approach. Interdisciplinary ways of working are crucial. During the Summer School we will therefore work on generating innovative solutions for urban challenges, while simultaneously testing new working methods. 

In interdisciplinary groups both Master's students and professionals will explore models of cooperative planning. The groups will work on case studies that are Amsterdam based and topical, in close collaboration with local stakeholders and partner organisations. As a result of the programme each group will create a narrative that will form the starting point for further development.



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