Troppotondo is a temporary structure, an outdoor room that, just like the Indian villages in the Amazon (circular native structures built in the forest glade), traces a space to share. Troppotondo, which is located in a circular glade in the Villa Arconati park, in Castellazzo di Bollate (Milan), is a multifunctional pavilion for the Terraforma 2015 music festival. Completely self-constructed, together with architecture students from Politecnico di Milano, consists of 24 wooden porches disposed in a radial way, upon which benches and two different levels of coverage rest. The structure has 6 entrances to this circular open space and points to pre-existing shafts of the park, thus connecting with other buildings in the environment. All the wooden sections have the standard length (4.00m) or divisions previously cut from it (3.00m, 3.00m, 1.00m), with the double objective of accelerating the building process and minimizing the produced amount of waste. 

Architects: Studio Zarcola + Francisco Rodríguez

Pictures by: Delfino Sisto Legnani


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