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Umbrella is the longest existing workshop in EASA being there every summer producing newspapers with inspiration, experiences and insight to the micro cosmos that is EASA. 

In Umbrella you get to write stories and news, learn how to get to the point and get peoples attention in writing. You also learn how to work together with others and you get to see and report on what all the other workshops are doing. Most importantly, we are there creating and maintaining EASA-spirit. 

Just like always Umbrella is the paper everyone on EASA reads thus making it the perfect platform for symбиозis between EASIans and other workshops. 

Pauli Rikaniemi, architecture student, Finland 
Eva De Bruyn, architect / researcher, Belgium / India 
Sofie Devriendt, architect, Belgium 
Nielsine Otto, architecture student, Denmark 


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