The town of Veliko Tarnovo is a symbiotic product between an unique landscape and history layers that fit organically to the natural canvass. The steep terrain round Yantra river determine the picturesque ”stepwise” townscape and its visual perception. 
Visitors' experience of the city is always connected with surmounting stairs and its citizens often joke that in Tarnovo there are three main directions: up, down&stairs - “stairs” is another kind direction, specific only for their hometown. 
The target of the workshop is to provoke the participants’ sensitivity and analysis about Tarnovo’s stepwise urban structure.
The workshop will focus on STAIRS in all their meanings, applications, features and symbolic sense, encouraging an attempt for going beyond their well-known everyday role, exploring their potential in new functional, archetypical and metaphoric sense - a link between the simple essence of stairs and their symbolic notions. 

- research in the old part of the city; 
- dividing in teams and presentation of each team analysis; 
- brainstorming and generation of ideas for symbiotic application of the construction of the STAIRS on different elements of environment – developing a model of Tarnovo’s stairs; 
- partial or total interventions on different target places in the city. 


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