Eoin Mccooey (IRL)

Robert Hanson (FI)

John Macken (IRL)


Deep within the bastions, historic intricate laneways, nooks and crannies of Valletta, the city can read as a series of disconnected urban instances waiting to reveal their charm to each other. VisuaLINKS aims to change one’s perception of the city by creating a sculptural form which is to be perceived from afar whilst changing one’s perception from within. VisuaLINKS appears in the form of a periscope crafted of engineered timber with mirrors reflecting a view of a scale previously not seen, rising out of the city from a disconnected location to link with a spectacular vista of the city and landscape. Participants will first be immersed in the theory of periscopes, perception and self-perception, subsequently building small-scale plywood periscope interventions around the city which will culminate in the construction of a large scale periscope. This periscope will be the centerpiece of the workshop, pushing the boundaries of the conventional periscope typology, and also one's perception of place. Participants will gain invaluable experience in working with Cross-Laminated Timber, learning about its detailing and utilising a material vertically, seen as the future of sustainable

high rise construction!! 

“esse est percipi” - To be is to be perceived - George Berkeley.!

- A 8-10 metre tall, 9m square, CLT Timber Periscope which creates a visual link from one part of the city to another. The architectural intent is to take the typology of the periscope and apply rigorous design and detailing to create a beautiful, functionalobject. The finished piece should be simple and elegantly detailed.! 

- Create a sense of community within the workshop, with each participant finding pride and ownership in the design and finished product, and also to do what EASA does best - create lasting friendships. We think that workshops are the best place to do this in EASA and it is part of the tutors responsibility to ensure people engage in the workshop and ultimately learn something new about architecture and themselves whilst having a great experience.

Photos by Alexandra Kononchenko 

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