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This workshop is a tendency to improve Veliko Tarnovo’s cityscape by a visual symbiosis - a panoramic coexistence. While some structures serve as parasites in the symbiosis process of the city panorama, through our intervention we attempt to reverse this process to a mutual symbiosis. 

The goal of this workshop is for the participants to gain knowledge on the art of photography and the possibility of using it for a better representation of their work in the future. There will be lectures and discussions on photography, on how the camera works and how it can be used in bringing the best of our work in 3D modeling and rendering software. It's about capturing the perfect frame, hiding the imperfections and highlighting the positive aspects. 

And to bring the theory to life we will be using the city itself - creating the illusion of an urban harmony by 'vanishing' the parasite structures by "filling up the pixels" of the facade that is blocking the view with what's behind it, therefore making it visually transparent. These pixels can be made out of other photos that will be containing little bits and pieces of Veliko Tarnovo, or just plain ol' pixels - one color at a time, so to create the "bigger picture". That's why it is very important to us to have a big mash up of ideas with all the participants and find the best way to express what we've learned throughout the lectures and discussions. We'll be working together to find the best spot, the perfect frame that has been visually attacked and turn it into a pleasant space to hang out, with an excellent view. 


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