EASA 2017-Fredericia, Denmark-HOSPITALITY

EASA is essentially a 2-week long event, held in a different country each year, which gathers up to 500 students and young professionals from all over Europe as well as other parts of the world - but EASA is so much more than just a 2-week workshop. During the two weeks, a 500 people strong family is formed - living, eating, working, partying, sleeping, and washing together - all guided by the strong EASA Spirit that flows in everyone.

The workshops themselves are different every year, and even in the same year they differ completely. The workshops range from media based workshops such as the long established EASA TV, EASA FM or Umbrella (EASA Newspaper) to construction workshops working with timber, concrete and more...to theory and discussion workshops to water based workshops, to projection workshops.... the possibilities are endless!

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