YANTRA यन्त्र///EASA2014


For this summer’s EASA meeting in Bulgaria, Symbioza, we propose a workshop that reconnects the Yantra River to the Rest of Verliko Tarnovo. 

This workshop is for those interested in pushing the boundaries of traditional architecture, because we want to examine activities as opposed to physical structures. /|/|/|/|/ SOFTWARE, not hardware \|\|\|\ 

We want to work with a particular methodology to understand how to represent the social connections between the city and the river. 

Our approach emerges from the Sanskrit meaning of Yantra: that of instrument, a tool of control and liberation, that focuses on the processes, structure and organization, depending on the context. 

The outcome will be a performance/party [|[|[PARTYFORMANCE]|]|] by the riverbank that reflects on past and contemporary urban activities to do with the river. 

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