Matthieu Bordreuil (FR)

Sylvain Dupuis (FR)

Stanislas Taboureau (FR)


Yo! Is a prototype of floating shelter, scaled on human body that will work very well as an isolated project, but will gain from the connection with other modules. We see Yo! As a great floating island, a ludic shelter to enjoy Malta’s marvelous landscape, or a floating tent that can join other as one would do in a desert caravan to create interactions and temporary communities as much as a lodge for romantic night/ nap getaway on the shore. At night, it will become a floating lantern and will lighten the bay.

Yo! Is a flexible system of complementary triangular modules designed on the same basis. Then the upper part takes different shapes and is the occasion to experiment with the participant’s different structures according to the program, the activities or specific site needs. Its simple geometry makes it very easy to assemble with other platforms and imagine various construction combinations. 

Photos by Alexandra Kononchenko 

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